When to Replace Your Car Wrap: Tips from the Pros

When it comes to car wraps, many things go into the decision-making process. How often should you replace your car wrap? What are the benefits of doing so? And how do you know when it’s time for a new one? Our team at Limitless Wraps has put together this blog post to answer all of those questions and more. Please keep reading to learn more about when to replace your car wrap and why it’s essential!

Reasons to Replace Your Vehicle Wrap

It’s time for a new car wrap when you notice: 

The vinyl is starting to fade.

This can happen in as little as five years if your vehicle spends most of its time outside. If this happens, it’s vital to replace the entire wrap so that there aren’t any inconsistencies between colors or areas where the paint is showing through. Faded vinyl wraps can significantly impact your personal or professional image.

Faded Vinyl Wraps can also:

Make your car appear outdated: You don’t want people to think that you’re driving around with a piece of junk. It can mean losing potential customers for small business owners because people might think that you’re out of business.

Make your vehicle unattractive: a faded wrap will make your car look like an old clunker. It may even give off the impression that you’re not taking care of your vehicle. 

There are scratches or dents on the bodywork.

If these imperfections are too big, they could be hidden under the vinyl. This means that you need to remove the vinyl before repairing it. Once the vinyl is removed, you can use a filler material, such as Bondo to fill in the holes.

The vinyl is cracking or flaking.

Cracks and flakes can sometimes occur naturally over time, but they can also result from improper installation. If you see cracks or splinters, you’ll want to contact a professional installer immediately. Cracks and flakes can lead to premature failure of the vinyl, making it necessary to replace the entire wrap.

There’s too much sun exposure.

The UV rays from the sun can cause fading over time. This is especially true if you spend a significant amount of time in direct sunlight, like during the summer months.

If you live in an area like South Texas, where there is a lot of sunshine, consider replacing your car wrap every few years. It’s recommended that you replace your car wrap after three years if your vehicle is a daily driver and you keep it parked outside.

There are too many scratches.

Scratches can be caused by anything from a small rock hitting the windshield to a larger object being dragged across the paint. The best way to prevent them is to avoid these situations altogether. If you’ve got a large number of scratches on your vehicle, it may be time to consider replacing the wrap.

Scratched Vinyl Wraps can:

Damage the finish: Scratches can cause dents, nicks, cracks, and other damage to the surface of your vehicle. This damage can lead to even more damage down the road.

Create rust: Rust forms when moisture gets underneath the vinyl. Over time, this can lead to severe problems.

The decals are peeling off or coming loose at the edges.

If you notice that the vinyl is peeling away, you’ll want to repair it right away. Peeled vinyl can cause problems with the paint underneath, so this is something you want to take care of right away. When you notice this, it’s time to replace them with fresh ones that will stay in place longer and look better on your vehicle!

Bubbles and peeling can be signs of poor adhesion. When installing a vinyl wrap, installers must follow the guidelines outlined in the Installation Guide to ensure proper adhesion.

Bubbled or peeled vinyl wraps can:

Cause damage: Bubbles and peels can create tiny tears in the vinyl, leading to more significant problems down the road.

Allow water to seep through: Water can get trapped between the vinyl and the metal parts of your vehicle.

Become brittle: As the vinyl becomes weaker, it can break apart. This makes it harder to repair, so it’s essential to watch for any cracks or bubbles.

Old Vinyl Wrap Peeling

You have a new design idea for your company branding.

Vehicle advertising should always be consistent across all platforms because this creates brand recognition and trust between consumers. If you want to make changes in this area, replacing the wrap would be a good idea because it will give your company’s fleet cars or vans another chance at getting noticed by potential customers while they’re out driving around town!

If you’ve been using a particular wrap for a few years now, chances are you want something different. You may be ready to update your look with a newer, fresher style. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change every part of your wrap. It might just be enough to make some changes here and there.

Consistent branding has many benefits, including:

Brand Recognition: Consumers often associate brands with products they use regularly. By having a consistent logo and color scheme, people who see your vehicles will know what to expect from your business.

Trust: People feel more comfortable doing business with someone whose name and logo they recognize. They also feel more confident knowing that a reputable company backs up their product or service.

You want to add a new feature to your fleet of vehicles.

You may want to upgrade your fleet vehicles’ wraps to include a new feature. Maybe you’d like to introduce a new color or pattern? Whatever your reasons, it’s time to get a new wrap installed.

We can help you find a way to incorporate these features into your current wrap without breaking the bank!

You’re tired of seeing the same old designs everywhere.

It’s hard to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with your vehicle wraps.

The fact is, if you don’t do anything to set yourself apart from your competitors, you’re going to lose clients. To attract new customers, you need to make sure your fleet vehicles are unique.

The best way to do this is with a custom-designed wrap. We can work with you to develop a package that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Your business is growing, and you need more exposure.

A fresh car wrap can help increase sales by up to 30%, so if this sounds like something you’re interested in, consider replacing your old one with a new design that will catch the eye of people passing by! Vehicle wraps are one of the best ways to invest in the future of your business. Local businesses can increase their ROI because mobile advertisements attract up to 91% of those who see them.

More exposure for your business means that:

  • More traffic means more leads
  • More leads means more revenue.
  • More revenue means more profit.

If You Get Into An Accident

If your vehicle gets into an accident, it’s vital to replace the wrap once the car is repaired. You don’t want to be driving around with damaged vinyl because it could cause further issues down the road. But this might be the best time to rewrap the entire vehicle if your existing design is outdated or you simply want something new.

How To Make Your Wrap Last Longer

In most cases, we all want our vehicle wraps to last as long as possible to keep our cars looking great and save us money. Here are some tips on how to make sure that your wrap stays looking fresh as long as possible.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your vehicle clean is one of the easiest ways to extend its lifespan. If you wash your car every week or two, you should be able to keep the wrap job looking good for at least three years. If you take care of your vehicle wrap, it will look brand new for much longer than that.

Avoid automated car washes.

Automated car washes use harsh chemicals that strip away your vehicle wrap’s protective coating, leaving behind a dull, chalky finish. This type of washing can also damage your vehicle’s wrap with the brushes and large rollers slapping your ride at high speeds. Instead, hand wash your car using soap and water.

Hand Washing Vinyl Wrap

Wash Often

Another reason many vehicle owners have trouble keeping their wraps looking good over time is improper maintenance. When you wash your vehicle regularly, you remove dirt and grime and help protect the paint surface underneath. The longer you wait between washes, the less effective the cleaning process becomes.

Remove Stains Quickly

Staining is another common problem with vinyl wraps. Some types of stains are easy to remove, while others can be hard to get out. The sooner you remove stains, the better off you’ll be when it comes to protecting the integrity of your vehicle wrap.

Don’t Wax Your Vinyl Wraps.

Many people think they should wax their vinyl wraps because it will protect them. However, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t wax your vinyl wraps. First, waxing removes the protective layer that keeps your vehicle wrap from fading. Second, it may even cause more problems, such as cracking the paint. Third, waxes can create buildup underneath the edges that can begin to lift the wrap itself.

Don’t use the wrong products.

Avoid using the wrong products when cleaning your wrapped vehicle. These products include:

  • Cleaners containing solvents.
  • Cleaners with an oil base.
  • Cleaning products from your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Oven cleaning products.
  • Cleaners based on citrus oils, such as orange oils.
  • The use of engine degreasers or high-pH washes.

Protect Your Vehicle From Sunlight

You probably already know that exposure to sunlight can fade your vinyl wrap. So, what do you do? Well, you need to protect your vehicle from direct sunlight whenever possible. This means avoiding parking under trees or in areas with lots of sun. Also, if you must park your car outside, try to place it somewhere shady.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wrap Replacement

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to replacing vehicle wraps:

What Happens If Your Fleet Wrap Is Damaged?

When your branding changes or your fleet wraps are damaged, you’ll need to replace your vehicle wraps with new ones. Fortunately, this is usually pretty straightforward. You just need to contact a professional vehicle wrapping company like us at Limitless Wraps. We offer free quotes and estimates so you can see how much it would cost to repair or replace your vehicle wraps.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair My Vehicle Wraps?

If you’re wondering about the costs associated with repairing your vehicle wraps, we’ve got you covered. At Limitless Wraps, our pricing structure is simple: we charge by the square foot for our services. That way, no matter how big or small your project is, you pay one price. Make sure to take your vehicle to a reputable shop that has experience repairing or replacing vinyl.

Do I Need a New Vehicle Wrap Every Time Something Goes Wrong With My Current One?

No! Sometimes, it only makes sense to replace the damaged portion of your current vehicle wrap. For example, if you notice a crack in your bumper wrap, you could simply replace the damaged part instead of having to replace the entire wrap. 

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Your Vehicle Wrap?

Leaving a vehicle wrap that’s started to fade or crack can cause the vinyl to bake into the vehicle’s surface.

What Causes Vehicle Wrap Damage?

As you try to keep your vehicle wrap in the best shape possible, check out the primary forms of vehicle wrap damage:

Faded wraps: Over time, vehicle wraps tend to fade due to extensive sun exposure.

What Happens If Your Fleet Wrap Peels?

A peeling wrap can make your vehicle look unprofessional and turn away potential customers or clients from your company. It’s essential to take it to a reputable shop to see if it can be repaired without replacing the entire section.

How long will a car wrap last?

Generally, custom car and truck vinyl wraps last anywhere between three to six years, with some lasting even longer if the vehicles are maintained, kept in a garage, and not driven daily.

What Are The Long-Term Benefits Of Fleet Wrap Replacement?

By replacing your vehicle wraps with new ones containing the most in-fashion design trends, you can help the public perceive your company as an industry leader and avoid looking like you’re falling behind the times. If it’s a personal vehicle, the satisfaction of having a new look and people will think that you just purchased it.


The best way to protect your investment is by replacing the wrap every five years or so. That way, you can ensure that it looks as good as new for a long time without having any issues with fading colors and peeling decals! It’s also smart from an advertising standpoint because this will give people something new to look at each day when they’re driving past your business.

The most important thing is making sure that you get the best value for your money, and there’s no better way than by replacing an old car wrap with a brand new one! If you have any questions about vehicle wrap installation or replacement, contact us today!


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