How To Care for Paint Protection Film

Curing and Maintenance Tips

If you’ve just had paint protection film (PPF) installed on your car, congratulations! This is a great way to keep your vehicle looking new for longer. However, it’s essential to care for the film properly to ensure it lasts as long as possible. In this maintenance post, we will discuss how to cure and maintain your protective film or clear bra so that it looks good for years to come.

Keep Your Ride Clean

The film should be left alone for two weeks before being washed at an automatic car wash. This allows the adhesive to cure fully and prevents water from getting underneath it and causing damage. You may wash your vehicle three days after installation with an ordinary hose or light hand sprayer; do not use high-pressure jets on the first few washes! Heavy water pressure can cause newly installed protective film to lift around the edges.

A water bubble, haze, or condensation may form under the film or in a small region that has not yet been set during the adhesive curing process. The urethane film cures by breathing, much like natural paint surfaces. The film will evaporate the water bubble, haze, or condensation over time, as well as the adhesive bonding process.

Waxing Your Vehicle

After the film has been properly cured, you can begin to wax it just like you would your car’s paint. We recommend using a quality carnauba-based wax, as this will help keep the film looking its best. Be sure to apply the wax in a thin, even layer and allow it to dry completely before buffing it off.

Using Automated Car Washes

If you have to run it through an automated car wash, it’s best to use a touchless car wash. If you use an automatic wash with brushes, the film may have some marring or dragging marks due to the friction of the brushes on the product surface during transit through this type of facility. This is not covered under warranty and will be considered normal wear of any paint protection film.

It’s essential to dry the car after it’s been washed thoroughly. Use a chamois or terry cloth towel to make sure that there is no water left on the film’s surface; this can cause streaks and spots over time.

Use a Garage If Possible

Finally, keep your car in a garage or covered parking area as much as possible to prevent the film from fading. The sun’s UV rays will cause any exposed surfaces of your vehicle’s bodywork, including those protected by a paint protection film, to fade over time.

Maintain Your Paint Protection Film by Following These Instructions:

  • Keep the film waxed and sealed with 3M Performance Wax to keep it looking great.
  • All paint protection film is porous by nature, so it’s critical to keep it sealed with synthetic wax. The unsealed film will eventually become dull if dirt, dust, and other airborne impurities are left on it. Synthetic wax fills in dents and seals the film from pollutants. Use synthetic wax at least every three to six months, depending on the film. It’s recommended that synthetic wax be applied after every car wash.
  • Use nothing made of petroleum on the film. Do not use Simple Green, 409, Bug and Tar Removers, or other degreasers. The film will not become dull if you use any of the following products: Abrasives, or dyes
  • Water spotting is a problem with all clear paint protection films. If hard water deposits are baked on by the sun, they cannot be removed and are not covered under any warranty.
  • It might take up to four weeks for all the moisture in the film to evaporate, depending on the weather conditions in the San Antonio and Austin areas.
  • Use a lint-free cloth and gently massage down all of the film’s edges within the first 24 hours.

Be sure to keep your paint protection film looking its best with these tips and tricks! If you have any questions about how to care for your paint protection film, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Limitless Wraps team today!


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